WWDC 2024 should start a new AI fitness war between Apple, Samsung and Google

Sunday Runday

(Image credit: Android Central)

In this weekly columnMichael Hicks, Wearables Editor at Android Central, talks about the world of wearables, apps, and fitness technology related to running and health, in your quest to be faster and fitter.

WWDC 2024 starts tomorrow, June 10, and iPhones are about to be flooded Apple Intelligence (AI, get it?), according to a major leak. Given Google and Samsung’s pivot to AI, it’s not surprising for the brand. Personally, I am Less interested in the industry’s AI shift. and more intrigued by what Apple Intelligence could mean for Apple Fitness.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurmanwho leaked the long list of AI functions that will come to WWDC 2024promises that Apple will announce “major” changes to the Fitness app, along with health changes like “better blood pressure data management” and “cycle tracking.”

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