What you should know about the sixth season of ‘The Dragon Prince’

When it first premiered in 2018, The Dragon Prince turned out to be a surprise hit for Netflix. Since then, the animated fantasy series has had five seasons, each of which has served to expand both the show’s story and fandom. The last delivery fell not long ago in July, after having received a surprise early release on Netflix. The search for peace in Xadia continues, and right now it seems temporary. The program adopted the title. The Dragon Prince: The Mystery of Aaravos starting with season 4, and since then there has been a growing feeling of unease among the heroes. There has been growing tension not only between humans, elves and dragons, but also within the team of our heroic young ones. Season 6 will follow the same story, however, this time, the stakes are much higher. In anticipation of all the exciting things that will likely happen once this arc enters its next stage, here’s everything we know about The Dragon Prince Season 6.

The Dragon Prince

Two human princes forge an unlikely bond with the elven assassin sent to kill them, and embark on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands.

Release date
September 14, 2018

Paula Burrows, Jack De Sena, Sasha Rojen, Racquel Belmonte


The story so far about The Dragon Prince

In the Netflix animated series, Katolis princes Callum and Ezran team up with an elf assassin named Rayla to save a young dragon prince named Zym. They find themselves in the middle of a 1,000-year battle between the human kingdoms and the magical creatures of his world, Xadia, as they seek to reconcile Zym with his mother. Our heroes manage to return Zym to his mother and put an end to some of the kingdoms’ long-running disputes as season three comes to a close. Ezran ascends the throne as the story progresses and Callum learns to do magic. Viren, a former member of the high council, attempts to seize the throne while the trio (plus Bait) continue fighting for peace. After many trials and efforts, Viren is finally defeated and a momentary peace ensues.

In season 5, we see that Viren has been resurrected by his daughter, Claudia, using dark magic from Aaravos, the most evil being in the history of Xadia. However, her resurrection is only temporary and she needs to free Aaravos from her prison, believing that she has the power to bring Viren back to life permanently. To do this, she will have to find his mysterious prison, which has been a closely guarded secret for centuries. Claudia joins our team of heroes, Callum, Ezran, Rayla, Zym and Soren to search for the hidden prison, who in turn search for a special artifact called the Novablade that can kill Aaravos. They find the prison and the sword at the end of their search, but a fight breaks out between Claudia and the rest of the team, as they oppose their plans to free Aaravos. Claudia is finally defeated.However, tension remains high on the team as they try to decide whether to let Aaravos live or get rid of him for good.

Does ‘The Dragon Prince’ season 6 have a premiere date?

The Dragon Prince Season 6 will be available to stream on Netflix on July 26. Catch up on the previous five seasons before the show returns.


Is there a trailer for The Dragon Prince season 6?

We get our first look at The Dragon Prince Season 6 in November last year. The 90-second trailer offers just a small glimpse of what fans can expect in the upcoming season.

Who are the creators of The Dragon Prince season 6?

Rayla, Callum, Ezran, Soren and Zym in a group in front of the camera in season 5 of The Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

The Dragon Prince Was created by Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz, and also wrote and directed several episodes. Several episodes have been directed by Villads Spangsberg, George Samilski, Lih Liau, Giancarlo Volpeand Meruan Salim. The equipment also includes Joe Corcoran, Eugenio Ramos, Michael Schick, Paige VanTassell, Devon Giehl, Ian Hendryand Neil Mukhopadhyay who contributed to the script.

Who is in the cast of The Dragon Prince?

Apart from jason simpsonwho plays Viren, we can expect most of the original cast members to return in The Dragon Prince Season 6. The list of main cast and characters The Dragon Prince includes Jack De Sena Like Callum, Paula Burrows like Rayla, Sasha Rojen like Ezran, Raquel Belmonte like Claudia, Jesse Inocalla like Soren, Omar Newton like Corvus, Rena Anakwe like Janai, Adrian Petriw like Commander Gren, Benjamin Callins Like Terry, nicole oliver like queen Zubeia, and Erik Todd Dellums like Aravos.

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