10 common mistakes to avoid when traveling to Paris

10 Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid in Paris
10 common mistakes to avoid when traveling to Paris, according to a local Traveling to Paris can be a dream ...
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Good Restaurants Near Major Attractions in Paris

Red mullet in crispy seaweed breadcrumbs, vegetable tian & fish soup at Tomy&Co in Paris, France.
Are you heading to Paris and looking for great restaurants near the major attractions? The eternal question of where to ...
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The best restaurants in Paris with views of the Eiffel Tower

Looking for the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower? Join me ...
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The Best Photography Bean Bags

Laurence using LensCoat LensSack Pro Jr by Laurence Norah
A photography accessory that I find useful for all sorts of things as a professional photographer is a photography bean ...
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Cosas que hacer en Montmartre

Cuando la gente piensa en París, a menudo imaginan la Torre Eiffelel Lumbrerao tal vez un paseo tranquilo por el ...
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Things to do in Paris as a couple

Museum de la Vie Romantique in Paris, France.
Looking for the perfect romantic getaway in Paris? Let’s explore the most charming and exciting things to do as a ...
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