This Jason Sudeikis Series Combines Live Action and Animation for a Chaotic AF Comedy

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  • Son of Zorn
    is a mix of high fantasy and sci-fi comedy, featuring a quirky He-Man-style character.
  • The show humorously blends ’80s cartoon nostalgia with everyday life, focusing on absurdity and comedic conflict.
  • Zorn attempts to repair his relationship with his son while embracing his Zephyrian heritage, leading to a chaotic family comedy.

For many readers of a certain age, there is a fond memory of lazy Saturday mornings filled with kidney-destroying, sugary breakfast cereals and those iconic ’80s cartoons. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe gave many little boys dizzying thrills as the perfect blend of high fantasy and science fiction struck a chord with its primarily male audience. There, safe within the confines of Eternia, children were free to dream their dreams of overtly masculine and painfully virtuous heroes fighting diabolical monsters in a fictional land full of magic and wonder. But now, as adults, we know that those places only exist in those sweet memories of yesteryear. In fact, life is more complex, and a more complex life deserves a more complex and nuanced show.. son of zorn is the completely deranged and tremendously chaotic bastard son of those Masters of the Universe, looking Jason Sudeikis as the fully animated, sexually promiscuous and flamboyant He-Man-esque barbarian of suspiciously Eternia-like Zephyria. In this beautiful combination of animation and live action, high fantasy and sci-fi comedy, Zorn embarks on what will be his greatest adventure to win the love of his estranged son.

Son of Zorn

Release date
September 11, 2016


Reed Agnew, Eli Jorne

What is ‘The Son of Zorn’ about?

son of zorn It takes place in a world not unlike our own, but with one key difference: The animated characters of a mysterious island in South Asia called Zephyria coexist with ordinary people.. Zephyria is a wild place that parodies the He-Man universe, full of bestial villains bent on conquering magic and fierce, hedonistic warriors who stand in their way. Among them is Zorn, the toughest warrior of them all, who has been kicking ass in Zypheria since 1971, defending it from Glombeasts, Lava Monsters, Vampires, and Liberal Media.

Everything in Zypheria is reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons from the 80s.. Zorn has a magical sword, travels with a combination of futuristic technology powered by what appears to be magic, and often finds himself defending the land from a humanoid vulture who wants nothing more than to see Zorn dead. Even the opening of the show is a parody of classic ’80s cartoons. thundersinvoking in his audience that joyous sense of childlike wonder and placing him squarely in the center of the mundanity of middle age to great comic effect.

Jason Sudeikis plays a parody of He-Man in ‘Son of Zorn’.

Zorn (Jason Sudeikis) standing in the center with Edie (Cheryl Hines), Craig (Tim Meadows) and Alan (Johnny Pemberton) watching him in 'Son of Zorn'.
Image via 20th Century Fox

Jason Sudeikis voices Zorn, an obvious parody of He-Man with no virtues, in this deranged fish-out-of-water series. Zorn is a hedonistic, savage and sexually promiscuous barbarian, lacking in civility and responsibility. At some point in the ’80s, he married a human woman named Edie Bennet, played by Cheryl Hines of Curb your enthusiasm fame, who loved and fought alongside the legendary defender. Together, Edie and Zorn had a half-human, half-Zephyrian child, Alangulon “Alan” Bennett, played by Johnny Pemberton of Fall. Edie, knowing that Zepheria is no place for a half-human child, left Zorn for the sunny skies of Orange County, California, where she remarried the stable and affable Craig Ross. (Tim Prados) and raised her son.

Zorn spent those precious early years indulging in his hedonism and shedding the responsibilities of fatherhood, and as a result, Alan became further and further removed from his roots and is a normal American teenager in every way except one. He has lively legs that are super strong, which in the end he is ashamed of. In the pilot episode, after a battle with his enemies, Zorn visits his estranged family, where he discovers that Alan hates him for being largely absent from his life. He also discovers that Alan hates his heritage and his body, soZorn decides to abandon the barbarian life to stay in Orange County and try to get closer to his son and show him his love and… kill giant falcons?

‘Son of Zorn’ combines animation and live action to hilarious effect

Son of Zorn answers the question: what if He-Man had a midlife crisis? There’s something very fun about watching a savage cartoon barbarian try to fit into the working world where conflict resolution comes in the form of a human resources department instead of the tip of a sword. He Mix of live action and animation. It’s not so unique, think Who Killed Roger Rabbit, but what makes this series a cut above is the ridiculous use of ’80s cartoon nostalgia. There are things this show can do that others can’t by dropping the weird, crazy world of Zepheria along with everyday things. Imagine He-Man interviewing for a gig in a corporate office and then cutting a table in half or seeking medical attention for cartoon-specific sexually transmitted infections when treatments from magical animal doctors fail. Zorn’s quest to repair his broken relationship with his son is endearing, but his inability to let go of his more lively nature is a constant source of humor.

As kids, we sat in wonder watching the magical vehicles from He-Man’s world come to life. We thought it would be cool to drive one of those things. Son of Zorn play directly with those childhood fantasiessomething like The Lego Batman Movie does. So when Zorn acquires a war hawk for Alan in order to win his love, he strikes a chord with the audience and of course it backfires. Giving a normal child such a vehicle is bound to create a carnage, and that’s how it happens. Then there’s the time Zorn helps Alan use the Sight Stone to help Alan get inside information on his crush because Zepherians are famous for their ability to… pick up women. What teenager wouldn’t like to be able to peek into people’s private lives? But this totally inappropriate creepy magic puts Alan at odds with the love of his life and further distances him from his father.

The desire to reconcile the relationship but also instill Alan with pride in his Zepherian roots is actually quite beautiful. One should never be ashamed of who they are and where they come from because those things are important parts of ourselves that help us navigate the world. Zorn is proudly Zepherian. In fact, he despises modern American culture, so Alan’s self-loathing is, in a way, Zorn’s biggest failure, and Zorn doesn’t care much about the failure. Alan is a shadow of his father, a nerdy waif who could be the top dog in his high school if he would just accept who he is and embrace his heritage. Alan could kick a lot of bullies’ butts with those cartoon legs if he tried, but his embarrassment prevents him from doing so. Zorn seeks to remedy this, but must also accept Alan on his own terms. and recognize some of the shortcomings of the Zeferian way of life, which has no place in the modern era.

Son of Zorn is a chaotic family comedy that uses the Cartoons of the 80s tropes as a vehicle for comedic conflict that just works. The show’s jokes are completely rooted in the absurdity of animation coming into contact with live action. What we have here is a totally unique series that puts a spin on redemptive family that will transport you to the carefree days of childhood, filled with swords, sorcery and sci-fi mayhem, but also one that explores the contemporary issues of midlife. in a criminally underrated series that will hopefully one day it reboots.

Son of Zorn is available on Prime Video in the US.


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