Apple’s Siri gets a major update with screen detection and deeper app integration

Apple recently announced a significant update to its Siri virtual assistant, which promises to deliver a more natural, fluid interactive experience and greater practicality. This update is possible thanks to the integration of the “Apple Intelligence” generative artificial intelligence model, which improves Siri’s capabilities in several ways.

New human-computer interface (UI)

One of the most notable changes in the new Siri is its new human-computer interface (UI). The assistant now presents responses to user commands in the form of content-rich cards, and soft lighting effects appear around the device’s frame. This new user interface design provides a more intuitive and engaging experience for users.

Contextual understanding and screen perception

The new Siri can also pay more attention to understanding the context of the conversation. This means that users do not need to repeat information in subsequent instructions, making the interaction smoother and more efficient. Additionally, Siri’s “screen perception” feature allows it to understand the content users are browsing and provide operating suggestions for related apps. For example, when a user needs to enter their driver’s license number when filling out a form, Siri can automatically find their electronic driver’s license and extract the corresponding number to help them complete the form.

Deeper app integration

The new Siri also supports direct command input, allowing users to interact with the assistant more naturally. Additionally, the addition of the “App Commands” feature allows Siri to interact more deeply with Apple’s first-party and third-party apps. For example, Apple demonstrated that the Photos app can edit the images the user is browsing, and Siri can complete the operation directly on the user’s behalf.

Siri update

Richer product knowledge base

The new Siri also has a richer product knowledge base to help users resolve device usage issues. For example, when a user asks “How do I write a message now and set up delayed delivery?”, Siri can directly provide guidance for the new “Scheduled Delivery” feature added to the page. iOS 18 Messages application. This feature allows users to schedule messages and the system will send the message later. This makes it easier to manage your communication.

Improved Siri capabilities

One of Siri’s most notable improvements is its ability to control individual app functions using voice commands. This feature is made possible by the integration of large language models, a key technology driving generative AI. This means that users can now manage specific functions within various applications without having to physically interact with their devices. For example, users can ask Siri to open e-books, set camera timers, manage slide titles, and even unsubscribe from email newsletters, making it easy to organize folders, tags, albums, and filters in the pages. Notes and Photos applications.

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Improved tasks powered by AI

Apple also enhances Siri’s AI-powered capabilities to perform a variety of tasks. These include summarizing emails and threads, generating intelligent responses, sorting emails into categories, transcribing text notes, editing photos, and summarizing websites and notifications. This will make it easier for users to manage their digital life, from organizing their emails to editing photos and creating summaries of online content.

Camera and photo improvements

The Camera app has also seen significant improvements, allowing users to control camera operations using voice commands. This includes starting or stopping video recording, opening the camera in various modes (such as photo, portrait, or video), starting a shutter timer, and switching between the front and rear cameras. Additionally, the Photos app will introduce advanced photo editing tools that use generative AI, similar to those on Google’s Pixel devices. Users will be able to remove objects from photos, apply AI-based filters, and locate specific photos of people or animals.

Siri update

Siri will also see deeper integration with other apps, making it easier to adjust screen brightness, home screens, and the app library. The main Settings app has a new design to provide more intuitive access to Siri features. This integration will allow users to manage their devices more efficiently, from adjusting display settings to organizing their apps and files.

Release timeline

Apple emphasized that the new features will be released in stages and that more powerful features will be added to Siri over the iOS 18 lifecycle. While the new Siri will be rolled out gradually to all users over the next year, it is expected to bring the Siri features. capabilities closer to those of other advanced digital assistants like Gemini.

Future developments

While the current version of iOS 18 focuses on improving Siri’s capabilities and user experience, future updates should expand Siri’s functionality even further. For example, Apple plans to use large language models to make Siri smarter, allowing it to perform multi-step tasks such as summarizing a recorded meeting and then texting it to a colleague in a single request.


In conclusion, Apple’s recent update to Siri significantly improves Siri’s capabilities. The update makes it more natural, intuitive and practical. The new Siri update promises to bring a more natural and fluid interactive experience and greater convenience to users. With its improved contextual understanding, screen awareness, and deeper app integration, Siri is poised to become a more powerful and versatile virtual assistant.

The new user interface, contextual understanding and deeper application integration have streamlined user interactions, while the richer product knowledge base and improved AI-powered tasks have made it easier for users to manage of their digital lives. Camera and photo improvements have also opened up new possibilities for users to control camera operations and edit photos using voice commands. As the new Siri gradually rolls out to all users over the next year, it should bring Siri’s capabilities closer to those of other major digital assistants like Gemini.

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