A powerful exploration of mental health struggles

Persistent sadness, loss of interest, seeing darkness as the only source of joy, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, suicidal thoughts, and much more make depression a dangerous condition for those struggling with it. It is a very serious mental health condition that can affect all aspects of a person’s life. While depression has the power to control, can it also be controlled?

From director Courtney Dixon, “Depression is a Beast” follows actress Jenna Kanell, who easily defeats evil in horror movies but must deal with the real-life beast called depression.

Kanell finds the right words to explain his pain and battle and emphasizes the importance of seeking help. Indeed, there may be help available, but without serious results, it takes just one person to realize the real problem, face it, talk about it, and perhaps transform the darkness that has always been a friend into the much-needed light.

“Depression is a beast” presents a concept that is difficult to understand, but important to give voice to. As Jenna Kanell mentions, you may not be able to get rid of the beast, but you can learn to live with it by letting the depression stay aside while you learn to control it from a short distance. These are not the exact words spoken by Kanell, but they can be interpreted as such because they open an opportunity for anyone struggling with depression to get creative in managing it.

This documentary is a compelling look at the internal struggles many people face and highlights the importance of awareness, understanding and fighting for mental health. It encourages those struggling with depression to find their own methods of managing it and seeking the support they need.

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