Trailer for ‘Lure’: Shyamalan’s serial killer thriller


M. Evening ShyamalanHis sixteenth (!) movie as a director is Lureand it sounds prefer it has a basic Shyamalan premise: What if a father took his teenage daughter to see the pop star he beloved solely to find… that the live performance was a lure designed to catch a serial killer? ? What if the daddy was the serial killer? Duh duh duhhhhhhh!

(Somebody ought to write a ebook about M. Evening Shyamalan and the title must be Duh Duh Duhhhhhhh! The movies of M. Evening Shyamalan. I might purchase a replica.)

Such is the story of Lurestarring Josh Hartnett because the loving father and in addition, apparently, the serial killer referred to as “The Butcher.” (In my view, that is identify for a serial killer; a lot better than, say, Cookie Monster.) In an fascinating twist on all of the movie’s father themes, Shyamalan’s personal daughter, Saleka Shyamalan, performs the pop star in Lure and performs all his music.

Watch the trailer to Lure under:

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Right here is the official synopsis of the movie:

A father and his teenage daughter attend a pop live performance, the place they notice they’re on the middle of a darkish and sinister occasion.

Lure is scheduled to be launched in theaters on August 9. And Shyamalan additionally has a second film he produced hitting theaters this summer time: The watcherswhich comes out in June and was directed by different of Shyamalan’s daughters, Ishana Evening Shyamalan. That is an entire household of artists.

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