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A talented photographer trapped in a dead-end job inherits an old Advent calendar that may be predicting the future and pointing her toward love.

Credits: The MovieDb.

Distribution of film:

  • Abby Sutton: Kat Graham
  • Josh Barton: Quincy Brown
  • Ty Walker: Ethan Peck
  • Grandfather: Ron Cephas Jones
  • Sarah Sutton: Genelle Williams
  • Judy Sutton: Laura de Carteret
  • Rudolph Sutton: Kevin Hanchard
  • Mr. Singh: Ali Hassan
  • Fernando: Rodrigo Fernández-Stoll
  • Mitch: Romaine Waite
  • Corinne: Jaeda Owens
  • Mayor Patricia Martínez: Nicola Correia Damude
  • Santa Bob: Derry Robinson
  • Jess (Ty’s daughter): Molly Lewis

Movie crew:

  • Director: Bradley Walsh
  • Writer: Amyn Kaderali
  • Producer: David Anselmo
  • Line Producer: Brian Campbell
  • Assistant Production Manager: James Moorhouse
  • Music: Sean Nimmons-Paterson
  • Director of photography: Peter Benison
  • Editor: Gordon McClellan
  • Cast: John Buchan
  • Cast: Jason Knight
  • Cast: Amy Reece
  • Production Design: Gavin Mitchell
  • Costume design: Margaret Mohr
  • Art direction: Elizabeth Bischof

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