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Meghan Trainor revealed that she was afraid of getting pregnant with her second child, Barryduring an interview with Ryan Seacrest in mythical kitchens Last meals on Thursday, June 6.

“That morning I was excited, radiant with joy, I recorded it on video. I did interviews and they said, ‘How are you?’ and I said, ‘I’m thriving.’ I was so happy… And then right before my last interview, I look down and I’m dripping blood… Oh no,’ and they said, ‘Okay, Ryan Seacrest is there.’ Go away!’” the 30-year-old shared.

The “All About That Bass” singer revealed this the day she found out she was pregnant with Barry, with whom she shares Daryl Sabra. They also have another son named Riley.

Having experience in motherhood, the blood put her in a state of stress, Meghan explained. “I did that whole interview like, ‘don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry’ and then I got over it. I closed the computer and said, ‘Hey team, I think I’m miscarrying right now… I went to the bathroom and saw what was happening, and I thought, ‘Okay, I had a baby this morning and now it’s gone.’ .’ I thought, ‘I’m going to keep getting tested,’ and the pregnancy test kept coming back positive,” she added.

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This setback in her pregnancy led her to get a checkup, but she found an even bigger surprise. “I had a blood test and it’s like the number is zero if you’re not pregnant. My number was 90,000… At six weeks, I walked in and she said, ‘Wow, it’s a 10-week baby.’ So I was pregnant from [Jimmy] Fall on performance,” Meghan said.

The “miscarriage” Meghan referred to is actually known as implantation bleeding, which occurs “10 to 14 days after conception” and is very common. By Mayo ClinicIt is “believed to occur when the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus…it usually occurs around the time you would expect to have a menstrual period.”

In other news, the “Lips Are Movin’” singer released her new album, Eternal, on Friday, June 7. The album contains 16 songs and features artists such as Lawrence, niecy nashand T-pain.

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