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katie holmes revealed that he does not know dawson’s creek WhatsApp group chat in an interview with He sunday time published on Saturday June 8. “We all text from time to time, but I wasn’t aware of WhatsApp,” the 45-year-old shared.

“I am very bad with WhatsApp. I never check it because it’s too much… We’re all grown up and busy, but the bond will always be there,” the mother of one added.

dawson’s creek was a success from 1998 to 2003, starring – apart from Katie – James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson, michelle williamsand more.

Joshua – the creator of the group chat – said The times in April 2023, “it’s not used much, but every once in a while someone shows up,” he said. “[In January] we passed the 25th anniversary [of the show] then there was a flurry of text messages. It really focuses on, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe we all went through that together.’ “It’s obviously a very formative point in all of our lives.”

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During this interview, he even shared how the reality of it all is what made it a successful show. “I think the secret of the show was that it didn’t talk to young people like they were stupid… Those characters and what they were going through felt real. “We were trying to tell stories about those moments in your life, and we were close enough to them in our own ages to deeply remember what that anguish was,” the Pace Witter actor said.

Even though the program is old, it is still good. Dawson’s Creek Alum Admitted to Sirius XM The Jess Cagle Show, “I mean, I’m a little surprised that people are connecting to it just because the world was… it was just before phones – well, I mean, there were flip phones and stuff – but before the Internet really took off and social networks…Life now is so different from the simplicity that was portrayed among this group of friends…It’s great that people are connecting…we have a great time doing it.”

Although most of the cast remains in contact through a WhatsApp group, they reunited in 2018 for the cover of Entertainment Weekly in honor of its 20th anniversary. “I think we’ve all seen each other over the years, but not all together,” Katie expressed.

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