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Anthony Richmond plans to seize the fortune of his tyrannical uncle Charles Richmond, a wheelchair-bound tycoon, by persuading Maria, a nurse he employs, to marry him.


Credits: The movie db.

Distribution of film:

  • Maria Marcello: Gina Lollobrigida
  • Anthony Richmond: Sean Connery
  • Charles Richmond: Ralph Richardson
  • Detective Inspector Lomer: Alexander Knox
  • Thomas: Johnny Sekka
  • Yacht Captain: Peter Madden
  • Fenton: Danny Daniels
  • Baines: Laurence Hardy
  • Attorney: Michael Goodliffe
  • Judge: André Morell

Film crew:

  • Director: Basil Dearden
  • Novel: Catherine Arley
  • Director of photography: Otto Heller
  • Producer: Michael Relph
  • Screenplay: Robert Muller
  • Screenplay: Stanley Mann
  • Continuity: Susan Dyson
  • Production Design: Ken Adam
  • Editor: John D. Guthridge

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