This Hughie and Butcher scene in The Boys season 4 is a perfect callback to season 1

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for The Boys Season 4, Episode 1.


  • Boys
    Season 4 begins with a scene where Hughie dodges one of Butcher’s bullets, and it’s not the first time.
  • In season 1 of the Amazon series, Hughie dodges bullets when Bullet shoots Translucent.
  • Butcher shop ”
    shoot first, ask questions later
    “Attitude is one of his biggest defects and puts his team in danger.

Boys season 4 is officially here, and a Hughie and Butcher scene from The first few episodes serve as a perfect reminder of season 1.. The titular team has had a rocky start to the fourth season of the Amazon show, with every member of The Boys dealing with his own pasts and demons. Not much teamwork happening Boys season 4 opens up, and this makes it even more difficult for MM to fully embrace his role as the group’s new leader.

Of course, The Boys’ team isn’t always the best at teamwork, even during the earlier seasons, and one moment in the premiere is a subtle reminder of that. Butcher and Hughie’s relationship becomes complicated in Boysand it’s hard to tell when they are loyal friends and when they are at odds with each other. A scene of Boys opening episodes of season 4 sees Butcher putting Hughie in danger in a way reminiscent of season 1.


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Hughie has to keep dodging the butcher’s wayward bullets at the boys.

The opening of season 4 is reminiscent of a similar scene from season 1

Hughie and Billy Butcher from The Boys on a bloody background
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Boys Season 4 begins with the titular team attempting to assassinate Victoria Neuman at a rally for Robert Singer’s presidential campaign, but their efforts are ultimately wasted. After receiving incorrect information, Hughie attempts to kill Neuman with acid. When that doesn’t work, Butcher tries to shoot him in the head with a surprise bullet. Unfortunately, Butcher’s bullet ricochets and nearly hits Hughie.. And this isn’t the first time Hughie has been forced to dodge Butcher’s rebel bullets in Boys.

This isn’t the first time Hughie has been forced to dodge Butcher’s rebel bullets.

In fact, This moment from season 4 is the perfect callback to a scene from Boys season 1. In the second episode of the first season, Hughie has to dodge one of Butcher’s bullets when they confront Translucent. Butcher shoots at Supe, but the bullet ricochets, causing Hughie to fall to the ground before he is shot. It’s interesting how similar these scenes are, and the most recent one demonstrates that one aspect of Butcher’s character hasn’t changed.

These scenes are examples of the butcher’s shoot first, ask questions later attitude.

It’s one of the boys’ biggest character flaws.

Both scenes in which Hughie is seen dodging bullets are examples of “Butcher’s.”shoot first, ask questions later” attitude – and it’s one of his biggest flaws throughout. Boys. Butcher’s anger towards Supes and his desperation to kill Homelander often make him impulsive. This leads to mistakes that endanger him and his team. Such behavior pushes the CIA to do MM The Boys the new leader, and it could have even more detrimental effects if you don’t learn to stop it. Fortunately, she has shown some foresight and restraint when it comes to Ryan. Perhaps that will lead to further growth in Boys.

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