These are the prices of the Galaxy Z Flip6, Z Fold6, the new watches, the Buds3 pair and the Galaxy Ring

We’ve been preparing for this for months: Samsung unveiled its next generation of foldable devices, its first smart ring, its first Ultra watch, another watch, and it also renewed its TWS earphones.

We have samples available for review, so you’ll be able to try them out for yourself soon. In the meantime, here are the details on availability and pricing.

In almost all markets we checked, the new products are available for pre-order today (July 10) and that will last for two weeks – open sales start on July 24. The only exception we noticed is Australia, where pre-orders start on July 11 and sales begin on July 31.

As an incentive to pre-order, Samsung is offering a free storage upgrade for the Galaxy Z Flip6 and Z Fold6. For the latter, this also includes the 1TB version (which is currently the same price as the 512GB model after July 23).

Plus, there are trade-in offers to help bring down the final price (there are trade-in offers for everything, even headphones). Plus, the price of Samsung Care+ has been drastically reduced for new models.

Galaxy Z Fold6
256 GB 512 GB 1TB
US $1,900 $2,020 $2,260
Canada 2,565 Canadian dollars 2,725 Canadian dollars 3,045 Canadian dollars
Europe 2.000€ 2.120 € 2.360 €
United Kingdom £1,800 £1,900 £2,100
Australia 2,750 Australian dollars 2,950 Australian dollars 3,300 Australian dollars
India ₹165,000 ₹177,000 ₹201,000
Galaxy Z Flip6
256 GB 512 GB 1TB
US $1,100 $1,220
Canada 1,463 Canadian dollars 1,623 Canadian dollars
Europe 1.200€ 1.320 €
United Kingdom £1,050 £1,150
Australia 1,800 Australian dollars 2,000 Australian dollars
India 110,000 rupees ₹122,000

And here are the prices for the earphones and smart wearables. Note that if you buy a Z foldable, you should be able to get 25% off a pair of Buds3 or a Galaxy Watch7/Ultra. The discount varies by region and device and can go up to 50%.

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