The Bachelorette’s Jenn Tran made a huge mistake by sending this lovely contestant home on the first night


  • Jenn made history as the first Asian-American Bachelorette, breaking barriers of representation on the show.
  • Brett, a plus-size contestant, wowed viewers with his humor and personality on opening night, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Bachelor Nation was disappointed to see Brett eliminated, hoping that Jenn had given him a chance to continue on the show.

High school The opening night of season 21 saw Jenn Tran having to make some tough decisions with very little information, but One of his first cuts has Bachelor The nation is suffering. Jenn, who joined Bachelor The nation as part of The Bachelor Season 28 with Joey Graziadei, she was excited at the prospect of finding love with the Pennsylvania native. Making it to the final five, Jenn felt secure in her relationship with Joey until her shocking elimination knocked her out of the competition. Although she was happy with her experience, Jenn was ecstatic to be named High school for next season.

In her own quest to find love, Jenn is making… Bachelor The story of the nation with her time as the protagonist of the series. As the first Asian American Bachelorette party, Jenn is breaking barriers that the show hasn’t crossed before. Jenn shared that she knows it’s a big responsibility to be present and open about the process, especially since she’ll be representing women from her culture. While there has only been one episode of High school Season 21Jenn is already causing a sensation with her style as the protagonist of the series, and One of her opening night eliminations was unexpectedly heartbreaking..


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Brett Harris joined The Bachelorette as a potential underdog

Promotional photo of The Bachelorette season 21 contestant Brett Harris

In it premiere episode of High school Season 21Jenn met Brett Harris, a 28-year-old man from Manheim, Pennsylvania, who brought much-needed body diversity to the show. A plus-size man, Brett was excited about High school after following Jenn on Jeoy’s season. Confident in himself, Brett knew he had it all and shared that he was excited to meet Jenn. Knowing he wasn’t the typical Bachelorette party Contestant Brett was open and honest about feeling different in the cast of fitness models and personal trainers, but hoped he could make a great first impression.

Brett was charming and funny throughout the opening night.

During his time with Jenn and the rest of the cast in a somewhat different premiere High school Has hosted in the past, Brett showed his personality, letting it shine.. While some of the other men found it difficult to show Jenn who they were, Brett knew how to be and thoughtful throughout the opening party, which included a few games for the kids. The health and safety director was even able to lose control during a game of truth or dare, which surprised Jenn and the rest of the cast.

Bachelor Nation wishes Jenn would have kept Brett with him longer

The Bachelorette's Jenn Tran smiles as she holds a microphone and smiles with red roses in a montage image.
Custom image of Cesar Garcia

Unfortunately, when the time came for the First Rose Ceremony High school Season 21Jenn had to eliminate seven of her initial suitors. While Brett was hopeful that he had done enough to prove himself to Jenn, he ended up losing a rose during the ceremony and was eliminated from the competition. High school Season 21. Although Jenn probably didn’t feel a spark with him, Bachelor The nation was outraged by her decision not to continue getting to know Brett.They were hoping that Jenn would find Brett attractive enough to continue. High school.

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High school

High school is a 2002 spin-off show The BachelorFirst released in 2003, High school It follows a woman who dates multiple men in an attempt to find her true love, eliminating one man each week. Mike Fleiss’ series has stood the test of time by lasting over 200 episodes and becoming one of ABC’s most popular reality shows.

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