Samsung News picks up a much-needed update in the US

What you need to know

  • Samsung announced on Wednesday (June 20) that it is expanding its News app.
    include more complete coverage of political and sports news.
  • The app will display a tab dedicated to the upcoming 2024 US presidential election and the popular La Liga soccer league.
  • The update has been released to all Galaxy users in the US.

It’s almost election season in the US and Samsung doesn’t want you playing catch-up, searching for news channels to keep up with the day’s events. For that reason, it is that Announced on Wednesday (June 20) that it will expand its news app to include in-depth coverage of major upcoming events, including the 2024 US presidential election, with a new app update.

The company thrown out Samsung News app a year ago: A revamped version of the existing Samsung Free app that helps Galaxy users explore global news from trusted sources like Bloomberg Media, CNN and Fox News. The app offers daily news briefings, a personalized news feed based on the user’s interests, and podcasts from news/entertainment channels within the app.

In the past year, “Samsung News has become a daily touchpoint for millions of people seeking easy-to-access updates from their favorite local and national news outlets,” said Avner Ronen, vice president of product development at Samsung.

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With this new update, aimed at people in the US, Samsung News will have a dedicated tab within the app that will be a “one-stop hub for presidential election coverage.” This tab will host an updated calendar of key dates, such as debates, party conventions, other upcoming events, candidate profiles, and updated presidential polls.

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