Michael Shannon and Rachel Weisz put a twist on the scammer’s story with this thriller

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  • Michael Shannon excels in unconventional roles, but also in traditional leading roles.
  • Completely unknown
    is an emotional mystery thriller about identity with enigmatic performances from Shannon and Rachel Weisz.
  • Completely unknown
    shows Shannon’s emotional depth and sensitivity, proving that he can be a great romantic lead.

Michael Shannon He is often cited as one of the best living “character actors” in the industry, as he has proven. Experience in playing unconventional and unusual roles.. Whether it’s his Academy Award-nominated performance as a brutal lawman in Nocturnal animalshis terrifying performance as a disturbed veteran in Bughis silly interpretation of the “King of Rock’n’Roll” in Elvis and Nixonor his scene-stealing performance in Boardwalk Empire, Shannon often excels at playing roles that many of her contemporaries might have considered “too outlandish.” However, the experimentation Shannon has shown should not indicate that he is not suited for more traditional leading roles. The romantic mystery film. Completely unknown It allowed Shannon to show her romantic side.

Debuting at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016, Completely unknown He threw Shannon out next to him. Rachel Weisz in one of the most enigmatic roles of his career. While Completely unknown Unfortunately it didn’t become a big hit, Completely unknown is an underrated gem that manages to turn Shannon and Weisz against type.

Completely unknown

While a man contemplates moving to a new state with his wife for his graduate program, an old flame, a woman who often changes identities, returns to his life at a birthday dinner.

Execution time
91 minutes

Joshua Marston

Release date
August 26, 2016

Rachel Weisz, Michael Shannon, Danny Glover, Kathy Bates

What is ‘completely unknown’ about?

While It’s not a traditional film noir., Completely unknown is an emotional mystery thriller about the nature of identity. Shannon plays Tom, a happily married man who lives in New York City with his wife Ramina (Azita Ghanizada). As Tom’s friends prepare to throw him a birthday party, his co-worker Clyde (Michael Chernus) has a chance meeting with Alice (Weisz), who claims to be a marine biologist specializing in rare species of frogs. Clyde kindly asks Alice to accompany him to the party, however, it is not until they arrive that he realizes that she shares a history with Tom. The two had been lovers when they were in high school, but Alice unexpectedly changed her identity. In the years that have passed, she has changed her personality several times, but has never settled on a concrete identity that she wants to maintain for the rest of her life.

Shannon does a great job of showing Tom’s fear of his life being uprooted. While his current job is not as fulfilling as he expected when he was younger, he is happy with where he is and seems to be genuinely in love with Ramina. Shannon excels at showing Tom’s initial unease at Alice’s arrival. His appearance evokes memories of a very different time in his life when he was willing to make more adventurous decisions. In many ways, Tom is settled because of Alice’s abrupt disappearance when they were younger. He’s almost angry because she thinks he can suddenly come back and expect things to go back to the way they were.

‘Complete Unknown’ subverts the roles of Michael Shanon and Rachel Weisz

Completely unknown It does this by showing the range that both Shannon and Weisz have. In a twist on what fans of his work might have expected, it’s Shannon who plays the “normal” and down-to-earth character, and Weisz who plays an enigmatic loner. However, he never feels like the two were involved in the film for the sake of “stunt casting.” Shannon is able to show how vulnerable Tom is, as he has kept his relationship with Alice a secret from many of his loved ones. Likewise, Alice doesn’t understand that. she could be destroying Tom’s family life. She has lost herself in her different identities and seeks a connection with someone who has apparently found her place. The complete sincerity displayed by both actors makes the film’s crushing emotional revelations even more devastating.

Although the film interweaves some shocking twists and turns, Completely unknown It creates exciting sexual tension between Shannon and Weisz. The film smartly chooses to leave much of their past ambiguous, leaving the viewer to draw their own conclusions about what their relationship was really like. However, it is clear that there was a time in their lives when Tom and Alice were completely committed to each other; As they venture into the streets of New York together, they both begin to desire what the other has. Shannon indicates that Tom enjoys the freedom that comes with Alice’s change of identity, and Weisz suggests that Alice is finally seeking to gain Tom’s self-confidence. In a film that is relatively limited to a few critical spots, the chemistry between the stars is what keeps viewers interested.

Michael Shannon is more than just a character actor

Shannon’s casting Completely unknown It wasn’t a complete shock, since movies like Revolutionary path indicated that he could star in emotional dramas about the dark side of relationships. However, Completely unknown served as further proof that Shannon is a great romantic lead. Although he had appeared in some steamy scenes throughout Boardwalk Empire, Completely unknown He showed that he could show a healthy and sensitive side of masculinity. Although the film plays with the concept of male fantasy, Shannon’s performance is never toxic or controlling. He is earnest in a heartbreaking way, elevating what was already a solid script into a deep examination of aging and love.

Completely unknown It also showed that Shannon could play “normal” characters. As much fun as it is to watch him give a spectacular performance in movies like Premium fever either The shape of water, movies like Shelter indicated that he could shed his eccentricities and play a docile family man. It is disappointing that Completely unknown has been relatively forgotten, as it shows a more dynamic side to one of the industry’s most interesting living actors.

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