Michael Moore calls on Joe Biden to step aside, calling his campaign “elder abuse”

Add one of America’s most political filmmakers to The list of those who call for Joe Biden to step aside as the Democratic presidential candidate.

Oscar winner Michael Moore posted an article on its website asking the president not to “allow his enablers to pressure him into doing what his body is begging him not to do.”

Later on his podcast, Moore called allowing Biden on the debate stage last week “the cruelest form of elder abuse I’ve ever been forced to see… Who would send an 81-year-old man on stage to debate a living monster at 9 p.m. for a fight that wouldn’t end until 10:42 p.m.?”

He then pleaded with the president: “Let the doctors examine you. Then do the right thing.”

Moore’s suggestion for a replacement: Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Be the one who not only stopped Trump, but also the brave man who gave us our first woman in the Oval Office,” he urged. “She will complete her mission and we will stand by her side.”

Biden, for his part, insisted this morning that will not only stay in the race, but win.

Others in Hollywood aren’t so sure.

After asking President Biden to “Step aside” Over the weekend, Rob Reiner tweeted: “If we watch the Joe Biden who appeared on Morning Joe today every day until November 5th, he will be able to shut up people like me who think he should step aside.”

Meanwhile, author Don Winslow, who has been a staunch supporter of Biden since the debate, criticized Reiner for his change of stance.

“It took you 24 hours to change your mind and retract your tweet,” Winslow wrote on X, where he reshared Reiner’s post. “The only problem is that your ‘quit’ tweet was seen by 5.1 million people and your retraction tweets were seen by 400,000 people.

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