Indian documentary projects market reveals winners

india Documentary film bazaarwhich is part of the Bombay International Film Festivalhas revealed the winners of its inaugural edition.

The awards, sponsored by Prasad Lab, aim to support post-production efforts, particularly in digital intermediate (DI) services.

Sraman Chatterjee and Meghla Dasgupta’s “Hearsay” received the top honor with free DI and 4K output for 50 hours. This 108-minute feature film, set in Kolkata, delves into the revival of the Tapan Theater by capturing the essence of four actors working on a play amidst the historic venue’s post-COVID resurrection.

“I’m Not Home,” directed by Naveen Pun and edited by Abhro Banerjee, and “Where Is My Home?” by Digvijay Thorat and Ashwini Dharmale with editor Abhijeet Sable, both won recognition awards. These projects will receive a 50% discount on DI services. “I’m Not Home” is a 148-minute narrative about Shau, a former member of the Mumbai mafia, who now lives as a nomad, while “Where Is My Home?” is a 60-minute Marathi film that highlights the familial and social challenges faced by an elderly woman seeking stability.

The Doc Film Bazaar Recommends award went to Somnath Mondal’s “Rukhu Matir Dukhu Majhi”. This 28 minute Bengali documentary film describes Dukhu Majhi, a determined old man who fights against the harsh environmental conditions by planting and caring for trees in his village.

Project synopsis:

  • “Hearsay”: Set in Calcutta’s Tapan Theatre, this film explores the transformation of a decaying theater into a cultural centre, told through the experiences of four actors.
  • “I’m Not Home” – Follows Shau, a former member of the Mumbai mafia, on a moving journey to reconnect with his family, questioning themes of freedom and belonging.
  • “Where Is Home?”: A moving narrative about a granddaughter’s efforts to care for her abandoned grandmother, examining family dynamics and the plight of the elderly.
  • “Rukhu Matir Dukhu Majhi” – Documents an illiterate villager’s unique and selfless mission to combat climate change by planting trees in extreme conditions.

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