Eddie Murphy and Jerry Bruckheimer are already developing Beverly Hills Cop 5

Eddie Murphy He remembers very clearly why, back in 1984, when he was only 23 years old, he didn’t think the first “Beverly Hills Cop” would be a success. It all happened at the first industrial screening of the film.

“It didn’t go well,” the comedian told me Thursday at the Beverly Hills premiere of “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F,” the fourth installment in the action-comedy franchise. “Many times at industry screenings they don’t laugh. I thought the movie was going to be horrible. I was with [Murphy’s ‘Trading Places’ director] John Landis and he said, ‘No, it was great.’ I thought they hated him. Then I went and watched it with a real audience and then I saw the real reaction. But the first time it was terrifying.”

The original film, released 40 years ago, became a huge hit and spawned three sequels. The fourth, “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F,” begins streaming on Netflix on July 3.

The creatives are already thinking about a fifth film. “They’re developing it,” Murphy said. “If everything goes well, we’ll do another one.”

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed: “We have a couple of stories in mind.”

Netflix declined to comment on a possible fifth film.

Murphy has acknowledged that the last film took a toll on his body. However, one of his most painful injuries occurred while he was sleeping.

“I hurt my knee before the movie started,” he said. “I didn’t mess up my knee doing a stunt. I messed up my knee while I was sleeping. I was literally sleeping one night and I felt a pop in my knee. And I thought I was sleeping badly. When I wake up, [I realized] I took something out. When you reach 60, you can ruin your body just by sleeping.”

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