Concourse Media Releases ‘One Of One’ About Japanese Car Restorers

EXCLUSIVE: Media is launching sales in one of onea feature-length documentary filmed over five years about an elusive family of Japanese car restorers.

Director Ben Bertucci’s film follows maverick patriarch Masao Naito of the Naito family and the automotive business who is about to retire, but can he trust any of his children to carry on their father’s legacy and fulfill his dying wish?

Naito Auto is known as the most resourceful and precise classic car restoration shop in Japan. Masao’s father, Shinichi, started the business during World War II servicing European and American automobiles for foreign soldiers stationed in Japan, and made his son promise that Naito Auto would live for three more generations. The film will explore the inspiration, obsession, ambition and sacrifice of family.

The film was produced by Bertucci and TJ Parker. Above is a first clip and image.

Bertucci has directed content for automotive brands such as Type7, Porsche and has filmed in Dakar, Nascar and Pikes Peak. He is currently working on a project with Japanese fashion designer Hiroki Nakamura with his brand Visvim.

“When the Naito family allowed me into their private world, I felt privileged to be able to make a film about their unique skills and passion,” Bertucci said. “I have spent years unraveling the deep layers of the Naito family and look forward to sharing their story with the world.”

Matthew Shreder of Concourse added: “one of one is one of the most cinematic and impressive documentaries ever made. In the line and style of Chef’s Table“The film delves into the passion, dedication and struggles of this renowned family that has set the highest standard for premium cars that are sought after by the world’s greatest collectors and enthusiasts.”

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