Apple won’t make you wait until 2025 for some of the Siri updates

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  • Although many of Siri’s new features will arrive in 2025, some will launch this year.
  • This year, Siri will get a new user interface, natural language updates, and more.

During WWDC, Apple announced a series of improvements that will come to siri in the near future. While most of those updates will arrive in 2025, users will see at least some updates when iOS 18 is released.

According to Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, Siri will receive some improvements before the end of 2024. One update will be the new glowing ring UI that Apple introduced during WWDC. You can also expect the virtual assistant to update its natural language, allowing it to better understand users even when they speak poorly.

Additionally, Siri should become more knowledgeable about Apple products. Finally, Apple will allow users to type queries to Siri instead of having to speak them out loud.

As with Siri, most users won’t be able to start using many of the other Apple Intelligence features until next year. Gurman notes that Apple is deliberately taking a slow approach to rolling out its AI offerings, so it’s less likely to experience the problems other companies have had with their LLMs.

That said, there are still a few other AI features we’re looking forward to this year. The initial launch will reportedly bring AI notification summaries; summary of web pages, voice memos, meeting notes and emails; and Genmoji (AI-generated emoji). Sometime after the debut, but still within 2024, the report mentions that we will get the redesigned Mail app and the Xcode programming plugin called Swift Assist.

It remains to be seen whether these new AI features will help Apple catch up to its competitors. Google, Samsung and others have already established themselves in the space, and with Apple taking a slow but steady approach, that gap could widen even further.

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