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Does mother always know best? Oscar winners Chastain and Hathaway want to know as they preview a new trailer for their thriller Maternal instinct.

The present day, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain in a joint collaborative publication in Instagram shared a clip from her new film with the caption: “Does Mother always know best? Come see us, the folks, tackle that question and ourselves in #MothersInstinct! Coming soon to select theaters in the US on July 26th! 👯‍♀️”

“Something is broken inside me and I need you,” Hathaway asks Chastain at one point in the trailer, marking a turning point for the characters they play.

With the look and feel of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, the 47-year-old actor… Good nurse The actor who plays Alice fights with the 41-year-old man. The Miserables Actress Céline in a cat-and-mouse game where her sisterly bond falls apart and the darker side of her maternal instincts spirals out of control.

The film is adapted from Barbara AbelThe novel of The maternal instinct or more exactly Behind the Haine. And just like the novel, the film The mother instinct is a dark and twisty domestic thriller in which the bond between two women (best friends, neighbors and mothers) mutates in dangerous and deadly ways after a tragic accident in which one of their children accidentally falls from a second-story window. The film transforms two 1960s housewives with their quaint families and homes into frantic women torn apart by grief, guilt and paranoia.

This film marks the work of the French director of photography By Benoit Delhomme directorial debut after years of work as a director of photography (DP). Previous credits include the films Illegal, The most wanted man, The theory of everything, At the gate of eternity, Minamataand Lady Chatterley’s lover.

Delhomme was a late replacement for the director Olivier Masset-Depassewho certainly had a good command of the material. Masset-Depasse won a record nine Magritte Awards from the Belgian Academy, including Best Film and Best Director for the original film. Duelsfrom which The maternal instinct It has adapted closely.

The film was already released in Europe in March of this year. In the United States, The mother instinct opens in select theaters on July 26 and digitally on August 13.

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