USB C HUB Multi-port Adapter USB 2.0 Type C HUB USB to Rj45 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter SR9900/RTL8152B for MacBook Laptop Computer



Price: 3.56

Type-C To RJ45 Lan Network Card 4 Port 4 in 1 Laptop Adapter USB2.0 Type-C RJ45 Type-C Splitter 10GBit/s for Desktop Computer PC

1. Type-C Interface: The LAN network card features a Type-C interface socket, which is the same compact size as the original Micro USB specification, measuring approximately 8.3mm*2.5mm. It can withstand up to 10,000 repeated insertions and removals without compromising performance.
2. Reversible Design: Similar to Apple’s interface, this USB 2.0 Hub supports the "reversible plug" feature. You can insert the Type-C connector from either side, making it convenient and user-friendly. Its slim design adds to its overall appeal.
3. High-Speed Data Transfer: With a maximum data transfer speed of 10GBit/s, this laptop adapter follows the USB 3.1 standard, ensuring fast and efficient data transmission. Experience seamless connectivity and enjoy high-speed internet access.
4. USB Power Delivery (PD) Support: The computer dock station is equipped with a Type-C connector that can handle up to 3A current. It also supports USB PD, allowing for power delivery beyond the capability of regular USB connections. This means it can provide up to 100W of power, making it suitable for charging various devices such as smartphones, MacBook, tablets, and more.
5. Universal Compatibility: Designed to be versatile, this RJ45 Type-C splitter is compatible with various devices including mobile phones, MacBook laptops, and tablets. It features a 24-pin connector with 12 pins on the top and 12 pins on the bottom, ensuring reliable and stable connections. The Type-C interface ensures easy compatibility with devices supporting this technology.

Origin: Mainland China
Interface Type: USB Type-C
Standard: USB 2.0
Funtion: RJ45
Certification: NONE
Model Number: Lan Network Card
Product Size: 85.00×24.00×17.00mm/3.35×0.94×0.67inch
Chip (optional): SR9900/RTL8152B
Colour: White
Input (optional): USB Type-C port
Output: USB network card + 3-port USB expansion
Network port: USB 100 megabit network port
Driver: test win8 and apple system free drive, plug and play
Cable length: 13CM
Applicable: with Type-C interface laptop, tablet computer
1. Achieve wired Internet access
2. Extended USB port, can be connected to the mouse, keyboard, U disk and other devices

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.




1 x Lan Network Card 


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