DC power supply adjustable 4 digit lab Bench power source 30V 10A 60V 5A AC switching Stabilized power supply Wanptek DPS3010U



Price: 128.82 - 167.31

There are included 3 packages:

Four-digit display 0.01 V/0.001 A

1.wanptekDPS305U DC power supply with power display 30V 5A

2.wanptekDPS3010U DC power supply with power display 30V 10A

3.wanptekDPS605U DC power supply with power display 60V 5A

DPS series products are a three window four position display high precision switching DC power supply, which can display voltage, current and power at the same time. The product is widely used in mobile phone maintenance, computer maintenance, school and production line. Its output voltage and current can be continuously adjustable between 0 and nominal value. The stability and ripple coefficient of the power supply are very good, with USB fast charging function and perfect short-circuit protection circuit. Its small size, beautiful design, convenient operation, can work for a long time with full load, deeply loved by the majority of users.

The series of switching power supplies for measuring instrument have ruled out the inconvenience of bigvolume and heavyweight of a traditional power supply possess.Four adjustment buttons,The output voltage and current respectively is controlled by two variable resistors with coarse and fine regulation for morehandy and precise adjustment.
Input voltage:AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz
Output voltage:0 ~ 30V/0 ~ 60V(Optional)
Output current:0 ~ 5A/0 ~ 10A(Optional)
Output Power: 150W/300W(Optional)
Voltage display resolution:0.01V
Current display resolution:0.001A
Output Voltage ranges from 0 to rating voltage with continuous adjustment .
Operation Temperature & Humidity : 0 ~ 40 C, RH<80%.
Storage Temperature & Humidity : -10 ~ 70 C, RH<70%.
Constant voltage CV
Voltage stability:0.1%±3mV
Load stability: 0.2%±3mV
Ripple voltage:≤0.5% Vp-p
0 to rated voltage continuously adjustable
Constant current CC
Current stability:0.1%±3mA
Load stability: 0.2%±3mA
Ripple current:≤0.5% Vp-p
Recovery time:≤500μS
Temperature coefficient:≤100ppm/℃
0 to rated current continuously adjustable
0.56 inch white light four digit digital tube display
Display accuracy:0.5%±digits
Display resolution: voltage  0.01V, current  0.001A
Material: Aluminium alloy
Auxiliary functions: USB fast charging, supporting various fast charging protocols
Protection mode: Current limiting protection / short circuit alarm stop output, self recovery

1. Production line test.

2. Mobile phone repair,computer repair,monitor repair,electrical appliance maintenance,Car DVD, car audio.

3. Product aging, electroplating,such as resistors, capacitors, relays, DC motors, LEDs, etc.

4. Charge the battery.

5. Laboratory, scientific research teaching,school,factory,scientific research production lines,maintenance power supply.

6. All other occasions requiring DC power supply.

1.USB fast charging function,supporting a variety of fast charging protocols.

2.Short circuit protection function, short circuit stop output.

3.Small size, low ripple,light weight and high power density,Highly efficient.
4.Voltage stabilization, current limiting, simple operation.
5.Constant pressure and constant current switch automatically.
6.Three LED display of voltage, current and power, high precision.
7.Temperature controlled fan heat dissipation, low noise, long life.
8.Four potentiometer more precise adjustment.
9.Dual voltage input and convenient choice.
10.Output Voltage ranges from 0 to rating voltage with continuous adjustment .
11.Output current ranges from 0 to rating current with continuous adjustment
12.AC 110v and 220vcan work, rest assured to choose.
13.With over-voltage protection (OVP), over-current protection (OCP), over-temperature protection and upgraded short-circuit alarm function.

1x DC power supply

1x power cord (EU,US,UK,AU)

1xAlligator Clip Line

1x Instructions


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